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Investing in the middle market since the inception of the asset class

WP Global Partners

We provide global institutional clients with portfolio exposure to private equity and private debt investments through strategically tailored investment programs utilizing primary investment research, portfolio modeling, and three decades of private equity experience. Our objective is to achieve the highest risk adjusted return of the asset class and to fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities with the highest level of integrity.

WP Global Partners is one of the most experienced teams investing in the private equity industry. The senior partners have been investing in private equity as pioneers of the industry since the establishment of the asset class in 1981. Through numerous cycles including downturns, WP Global´s partners have gained a reputation for initiating progressive strategies to capture market dislocation opportunities and to exploit pricing anomalies. The key founding partners of the firm have been investing together as a team since 1998 with some senior partners involved in the private equity markets since 1981. The team's diversified backgrounds in pension portfolio management, direct investing, operations, technology research, banking, finance and legal provides the group with complementary skill sets. The team has invested well over $6 billion in partnerships and co-investments on behalf of major institutional clients and as a result is experienced in identifying and accessing a broad range of investment opportunities as well as structuring robust portfolios on behalf of our clients.