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Investing in the middle market since the inception of the asset class

Our Mission

We provide global institutional clients with portfolio exposure to private equity investments through strategically tailored investment programs utilizing primary investment research, portfolio modeling, and three decades of private equity experience. Our objective is to achieve the highest risk adjusted return of the asset class and fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities with the highest level of integrity.


WP Global Partners manages private equity and private debt investments ranging from venture capital to buyouts and special situations globally. The team focuses on small to medium funds and to enhance the return of all portfolios, WP Global Partners will also invest in direct equity investments. We use these strategies to minimize the "J Curve" impact on client portfolios. We employ portfolio modeling and other investment management tools in the construction and monitoring of portfolios. We target investment opportunities by creating portfolios focusing on venture capital, buyout strategies in small to middle market companies, global emerging markets, special situations such as distressed and mezzanine and real estate strategies. We invest in established and emerging managers across the spectrum of private equity through primary and secondary interests in private equity funds and partnerships.

Key Differentiators

Proactive Investing - Emerging managers; lift-outs; early lead investing; co-investments; and advisory boards - Due to local presence in both the U.S. and Europe, detailed knowledge of local markets - Strong participation on advisory boards to ensure early access to co-investments and secondaries Opportunity Capitalization - Sectors in dislocation - New markets and technology - Co-investing and secondaries - Unique fund and company deal flow via harder to find and harder to access managers Experience - Pension management experience – we have run multi-asset class pensions - Direct investment experience - High senior investment professional to client/investments ratio.

Products & Clients

At WP Global Partners, we work with a wide range of clients: - Public and Corporate Pensions - Corporations and Financial Institutions - Endowments and Foundations - Taft-Hartley and Family Offices We take pride in helping our clients select the appropriate private equity strategy for their unique needs or circumstances. WP Global Partners offers global funds of funds portfolios and separate account strategies to provide our clients with exposure to a diversified portfolio or specific geography, industry sector or other segment of market opportunity. WP Global provides these strategies through: - Commingled funds-of-funds - Tailored separate accounts - Select direct investments

Investment Process

WP Global Partners' global investment process is a cash to cash strategy which focuses on the management and return of cash to the client. Our strategy is built on the foundation of opportunities developed from our network of relationships and access to the marketplace. Our investment process begins with the establishment of a pre-determined investment strategy based on the client's guidelines, current investment opportunities and market environment. Based on these objectives and strategies, we leverage our investment network to identify partnerships for the portfolio and consider their respective timing to market. From these candidates we select the best-of-breed managers and conduct thorough due diligence, selecting the investments based on their relative merits and value contribution to the portfolio. Portfolios are monitored with senior members often serving on the boards of the investments. Clients are provided with summary reporting and benchmarking.